The purpose of the Academy is to establish and maintain an international association of experienced trial court judges dedicated to the improvement of the administration of justice, and to that end to bring together members of the bench thus motivated, who by reason of their character, personality, and ability have contributed and will contribute to the attainment of the objectives and good fellowship of justice throughout the world for the ultimate benefit of society.

SECTION 1. Membership.  The Academy consists of all members of the association, and they are designated as Fellows.

SECTION 2. Classes of Membership.  There are two classes of membership, namely Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

SECTION 3. Eligibility of Fellows.  Judges of distinction serving on a court of general jurisdiction or its equivalent who have made significant contributions to the administration of justice and who meet and continue to meet the qualification requirements which are established from time to time by the Board of Regents are eligible to be Fellows.  The Fellows are those who have been elected and inducted into Fellowship.

(A) Membership is by invitation only.  Any Fellow may propose the nomination of an eligible individual for Fellowship, if the proposal is seconded by at least one Fellow and is supported by a detailed letter of qualifications in behalf of the person proposed.  The proposal together with supporting letter of qualifications shall be filed with the President who may then approve the nomination.  The Executive Secretary shall advise each member of the Board of Regents of the name and address of each newly elected Fellow, and each pending  nominee at the regularly scheduled annual meeting.  Each nomination shall be presented to and acted upon by the Board of Regents.  In the event, however, that a question or objection to the proposed member has been voiced and made known to the President, the Executive Secretary and/or the Board of Regents, then the President shall hold the nomination until the next regularly scheduled annual meeting, for a vote on the nomination by the Board of Regents.

(B) The Board of Regents may on its own initiative elect an eligible person to Fellowship.

(C) The affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board of Regents voting in person or by proxy is required to elect a newly proposed Fellow.  The unanimous vote of the members of the Board of Regents voting in person or by proxy is required to re-elect a terminated Fellow or elect a terminated/lapsed nominee.

(D) All discussion, proceedings, letters and reports incident to proposals and nominations for Fellowship shall be held in strictest confidence. 

SECTION 4. Honorary Fellows.  Honorary Fellows are those persons who at the time of their election are not judges of a court of general jurisdiction or its equivalent in their respective countries who by reason of their contributions to the administration of justice have attained a high degree of respect and eminence.  Honorary Fellows are not eligible for election to office in the Academy.  An Honorary Fellow is elected by two-thirds vote of the Board of Regents.

SECTION 5. Suspension and Termination of Membership.

(A) Non-payment of Induction Fee.  The failure of any nominated Fellow to pay the induction fee within sixty days of nomination automatically terminates the proposed membership.  Anyone so terminated is not thereafter eligible for re-nomination or membership except by the unanimous consent of the Board of Regents.

(B) Suspension for Non-payment of Dues.  Any Fellow who fails to pay  the annual dues within six months from the due date thereof automatically becomes a suspended member.

(C) Suspended Fellows.  A suspended Fellow may not hold any office or position in the Academy, serve as a member of any committee or attend any meeting of the Academy, receive any of its publications, notices or other communications, or otherwise have any of the privileges of membership; nor shall his or her name be included in any Roster of Fellows published while under suspension.

(D) Termination of Membership for Non-payment of Dues.  Upon failure of a Fellow to pay the annual dues within twelve months of the due date thereof, membership thereupon terminates, and his or her name shall be removed forthwith from the roll of the Fellows of the Academy.

(E) Notice of Suspension or Termination of Membership.  The Secretary shall notify a Fellow of a prospective suspension or termination of his membership for non-payment of dues.

(F) Censure, Expulsion, or Discipline of Fellows.  The right to censure, suspend, expel, or call for the resignation of any Fellow is vested in the Board.  The Board may, by unanimous vote, in its discretion and upon terms, reinstate the membership of a Fellow.

SECTION 6. Designation of Fellows.   Each individual elected and inducted into the Academy is designated a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Judges.

SECTION 7. Annual and Other Meetings.  The Academy shall hold an Annual Meeting on a day and at a place selected by the President.  Meetings of the Academy may be called at any other time by the President or by order of the Board of Regents or by a written call signed by not less than sixty percent of the Fellows.  At least thirty days advance notice of the time and place of any meeting must be given by mail, postage prepaid, addressed to each Fellow at his residence, or place of business, as the same shall appear on the records of the Academy.

SECTION 8. Quorum. The Fellows present constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any duly convened meeting of the Fellows.

SECTION 9. Fees, Dues and Contributions.

(A) Honorary Fellows are not required to pay an induction fee, nor are Honorary Fellows required to pay annual dues.  Fellows are required to pay the fees, dues and contributions determined by the Board of Regents from time to time.

(B) The fiscal year of the Academy is from the 1st day of January to the 31st day of December.  The dues of the regular membership are payable on the 30th day of April each year.  A Dues Statement shall be mailed by the Secretary on or before the 15th day of February of each year to each Fellow at his address as listed on the Academy Roster.


SECTION 1. Membership. The Board of Regents consists of the President, President-elect, immediate Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, Chancellor, and all members in good standing who are in attendance at the annual meeting of the Academy.  In addition thereto, all Past Presidents shall be ex-officio members of the Board of Regents except they shall have no right to vote.

SECTION 2. Election and Terms of Office.

(A) Only Fellows in good standing at the time of the Annual Business Meeting are eligible for election to the Board of Regents.

(B) The President, President-elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Chancellor shall serve a term of one year, not to exceed two consecutive years.  The remaining members of the Board of Regents shall serve a term of one year only.

SECTION 3. Nomination of Officers.  All past Presidents attending the Annual Meeting shall form the Nominating Committee, the Chair being the senior most past President in attendance.  The Committee shall submit a report of its nominations at the Annual Meeting.  Any Fellow in attendance at the Annual Meeting may submit a nomination or nominations in addition to those submitted by the Nominating Committee.

SECTION 4. Quorum. Five members of the Board of Regents constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting thereof.

SECTION 5. Powers and Duties. The Board of Regents has (a) the control and management of the Academy; the right to adopt general rules and regulations for the qualifications and elections of Fellows, subject to these Bylaws; (b) the right to fix fees, dues and contributions; (c) to create any executive and administrative offices as may be deemed necessary and to fill those offices; and (d to transact all business for and on behalf of the Academy not otherwise provided for herein.

SECTION 6. Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, President-elect, and immediate Past President.  The President shall be Chairman of the Executive Committee.  During the intervals between meetings of the Board, the Committee shall exercise all of the powers of the Board of Regents in the management of the business and conduct of the affairs of the Academy except that it does not have the power to amend the Bylaws, fix fees, dues and contributions or adopt rules and regulations in relation thereto.  All acts of the Committee shall be reported to the Board of Regents at its next meeting.

SECTION 7. Meetings. Meetings of the Board of Regents shall be held at the call of the President of the Academy or, in the event of their unavailability or inability to act, by the President-elect, at the annual meeting for the organization of the Board and election of officers.  A call of any meeting of the Board shall specify the time and place thereof.  At the discretion of the President the Board may conduct the transaction of its business by means of the telephone, telefax, or United States mail.  All communications and notices shall be addressed to each member of the Board at his residence or place of business as the same appears in the Academy records.

Amended at the Annual Business Meeting, September 16, 1989, Sweden.
Revised at the Annual Business Meeting, October 14, 1995, Marbella, Spain.