MINUTES - 2011
 38th Annual Business Meeting
 New Orleans

 President Malcolm Mackey 
Hon. Jay Ballantyne (Jan) 
Hon. Dennis Choate (Colleen) 
Hon. John Einhorn (Jaci) 
Hon. Jack Goertzen (daughter Joyce) 
Hon. William Hollingsworth (Jo) 
Hon. Lyle MacKenzie (Mary) 
Hon. Kevin Midlam (Cynthia) 
Diane Bowen, Chief Administrative Officer
 GUEST: Mrs. Jean Godfrey

THURSDAY: The group arrived in New Orleans and transferred to Le Pavillon Hotel.  In the evening the Welcome Dinner was held at the famous Commander’s Palace Restaurant in the Garden District. 

FRIDAY:  The day was free for sightseeing.  Some of the group used their Jazzy Pass on the streetcars to explore the city; some took tours to plantation homes. 

SATURDAY: In the morning the group walked to the New Orleans School of Cooking for a cooking demonstration, and lunch of gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding and pralines.  Lunch was followed by a guided walking tour of the French Quarter.  

SUNDAY: The group was picked up at the hotel for a sightseeing bus tour of the “Katrina Devastation” areas followed by a Cajun Encounters swamp tour by private boat with lunch in the bayou.

Josephine Room, LaPavillon Hotel

At 3:30 p.m. the annual business meeting was convened with all members in attendance.  President Malcolm Mackey called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the Big Easy and hoped they were having fun. 

 The minutes of the 2010 trip from Amsterdam to Basel on the Rhine River cruise, with an extension in Lucerne, Switzerland were approved, motion by Judge Einhorn; second by Judge Midlam.  Reference was made to an incorrect date in the 2010 minutes.  Later research confirmed the minutes were correct as written.

 The 2011 Treasurer’s Report was submitted by Judge Keene, reflecting a beginning balance of $3,054.85 as of October 19, 2010.  Income derived from dues, initiation fees and scholarship donations totaled $4,500; expenses were $4,421.99.  The balance on hand as of September 26, 2011 was $3,132.86.  Upon motion by Judge Midlam; second by Justice Ballantyne, the Treasurer’s Report was approved.

 The yearly membership report was discussed.  One Fellow was delinquent in paying their 2010 and 2011 membership dues.  Motion by Judge Midlam; second by Judge Einhorn, the Fellow was dropped for non-payment of dues.  There are presently two members delinquent for the 2011 dues.  They have been contacted four times.

 In 2011 two new members were admitted, two members resigned, and Judge James Lynch, a long-time Minnesota member, passed away.  Judge Choate nominated Judge John Flynn, III, from the Orange County Superior Court.  The nomination was approved.

 In accordance with the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee chaired by founding member Judge William B. Keene, and comprised of all former Academy Presidents in attendance approved the slate of officers for 2012: President, Judge Tully Seymour; President-Elect, Judge John Einhorn, Chancellor and 2014 President, Judge Dennis Choate.  In the interest of facilitating the banking, Judge Keene will continue to serve as Secretary-
Treasurer.  There were no further nominations from the floor.  The nominations were moved closed by Justice Ballantyne; second by Judge Midlam; the officers were unanimously approved.

 Diane distributed a proposed itinerary prepared by Creative Travel Planners for a 2012 Cuba trip.  Judge Seymour has selected this itinerary, and solicits the opinions of the judges in attendance.  All agreed Cuba would be an excellent selection for the 2012 trip.  Diane reported space will be limited and she will begin taking reservations as soon as the flyer is disseminated to the membership.  Costs and firm dates will be finalized by December.  At 5:30 p.m. the meeting was adjourned.

 In the evening the group held their Farewell Dinner at the Jazz Bistro at Arnaud’s Restaurant on Bourbon Street.

MONDAY: In the morning the group left for home.

Diane Z. Bowen, Chief Administrative Officer

 Judge Malcolm Mackey, President

IATJ President Judge Malcolm Mackey
The Academy Judges!